Prozone Lockers: Custom Wood Lockers Exclusive Design by ProZone

Custom wood sports lockers
for homeowners, custom home builders
architects, designers and contractors.
Custom locker room designs.
Unique patent-pending
locker air flow design.
Commitment to highest
professional standards.

“ProZone Custom Lockers for the home… Choose the custom wood locker of choice to top U.S. architects, builders, designers, contractors. Custom Wood Locker Storage Systems offer quality, organization and aesthetics.


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Harvard's Wood Lockers: Custom Design, Manufacturing, and Installation by ProZone

Locker Highlight:

ProZone Mudroom lockers are the ideal home storage solution for mudrooms, garages, and entryways

Fine Custom Wood Locker Storage                 Systems for the Home

Custom lockers for the home by ProZone

Quality wood lockers look more like furniture than storage and can go a long way toward organizing.

ProZone welcomes collaboration             with US homeowners, architects,      interior designers and contractors.

Home Locker Storage Solutions

Homes run more efficiently when everything has a place. Custom lockers offer function, enhance pride in ownership with beauty and organization for the home, garage, utility room, basement or mud room. ProZone’s high quality custom wood locker and storage systems combine the utility of a locker with the aesthetics of fine furniture. ProZone’s home locker storage can be installed by your home builder, remodeler, or by the homeowner or their interior designer.

Clean up the Clutter, Remove the Mess

ProZone’s unique locker designs, patent pending Air Flow design facilitate quick drying time for wet shoes, sports equipment and gear. We will work with you to design a custom wood locker solution that offers efficient storage space for your home and family.

Learn more about ProZone’s Custom Locker Manufacturing Process.

Organize Sports Equipment

Built from the same materials used in Prozone’s Collegiate, Country club and fitness lockers, Prozone’s residential wood locker storage model allows you and your kids to enjoy lockers just like the pros. Custom wood locker options and accessories enable you to customize the locker to organize every last piece of equipment, just the way you want it.

Custom Wood Lockers – Storage as Furniture

ProZone custom wood lockers for the home are durable, attractive and built like a piece of furniture that belongs in your house. Engineered to be an affordable solution and is not a metal locker eyesore, Prozone’s patent pending Air Flow designs your kids sports equipment will DRY, faster…..much faster. Helping to eliminate mold and that “locker room” smell.

Why Choose Prozone?

ProZone lockers are intuitively designed, artfully built by expert craftsmen, and installed by our experts or qualified contractors. We take pride in every locker we build and it shows. Our clients love our custom wood lockers long after the lockers have been installed. We are in the business of building innovative, quality locker solutions that our clients are proud of and value for many years.

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